John ment ist am (1963) in Hamburg geboren.Er ist ein deucher Radiomoderator.

Ment lebt mit seiner Frau Meike in Hamburg-Pappenbüttel und hat einen Sohn.

Ich habe ihm im Alter Clif in Hamburg gesehen und habe ich das Bild gemacht ??

von Nasir

I feel nothin’You’re 29 years old with a wife, two children and a job. You have enough money, and can afford a few nice things, and you live in a small house in the city.Suddenly the political situation in your country changes and a few months later soldiers are gathered in front of your house. And in front of your neighbours’ houses.
They say that if you don’t fight for them, they will shoot you.
Your neighbour refuses.
One shot. That’s it.
You overhear one of the soldiers telling your wife to spread her legs.
Somehow you get rid of the soldiers and spend the night deep in thought.
Suddenly you hear an explosion. Your house no longer has a living room.
You run outside and see that the whole street is destroyed.
Nothing is left standing. Weiterlesen