On friday the group visited Berlin. It was the first time they saw the Berlin Wall. Here they write about about this experiences and their hopes for peace.

ABDI: I come from Somalia and when I was 10 years old my teacher told us about the history of the Berlin Wall. In my hometown it´s near the equator, that´s why it is very hot. The school is different there. We don´t have school buildings or chairs and not even tables. When my teacher first told me about the wall, it sounded not so interesting for me because I could imagine how that looks like.
When I came to Germany I remembered this lesson about the Berlin Wall. Yesterday ABC Connecting invited us to visit Berlin and the Wall. For me it was so amazing to see what my teacher thought me.
But I´m also comparing the history of Germany (and Berlin) with the permanent situation in my country. In Somalia we got war because of radical islamist. They kill people without any reason. How can I change the situation in my country like German people did after the second world war? They faced all the problems from the war such as later the Berlin Wall and they living in prosperity today.
How can Germans help me to change the situation in my country?
I say thanks to ABC Connecting, Birte, Annette, Leonie and Frank!

SARKIS: When I was child I’ve heard about the second world war and the big Berlin Wall. I tried to imaging how big it is, I tried to imaging how many people died. Of course it was hard to image this thing. At that point I did not thought that I will ever be here in Germany. But now I am and I wanted to go to Berlin and see the effects of the Second World War. When I went there I imagined how it was in that time. Because I come from Syria so I felt the damaged of war in our souls.
I´m very sorry, I don´t want to remember the war time but I want to talk about how great Germany become. To finish I hope for all the countries to live in peace and progress.
Big thanks to ABC connecting, Wannsee Forum (Birte, Leonie, Annette and Frank)