Yesterday I was sitting beside a Syrian guy in a train between Hamburg and Osnabruck. The Syrian at first, when I asked him directly because of his Arabian face features „do you speak Arabic??“ surprised me when he answered „Ich bin Deutsch“.. It was only for minutes and the train control requested for the train tickets.
And she asked me and the Syrian beside me for our ID!! Another surprise was that „the Deutsch“ is not Deutsch, he is Syrian, I felt Deeply saddened for a generation lost his homeland… The Syrian was new to Germany and he asked some questions about how the system goes in Germany…
(And he) somehow he is refugee-phobic.. And trying to evade from this reality as Syrian , his face features, his language, his ideas, and his traditions, but this does not help him to face the truth ??? what does that mean?

and maybe lose his identity, if he is already lose it … this is the real meaning of lose your home.. While talking for over an hour about paper work he needed to do, we started discussing about Europe. The guy was so anti-Islamic and I felt like he was trying to prove to the germans who were around us in the train how Islamophobic he is . He was speaking loudly in arabic and between his sentences shouting „Fuck Islam – Fuck Arabs“ in English.

An old German man and his daughter wanted to join the conversation so badly but they didn’t knew if we speak English or German so every 10 seconds, the old german man turned his face to us and smiled.
I looked at the syrian guy and asked him to lower his voice, not to say fuck….. and to behave, otherwise, we will have a scene. The guy shouted , so you don’t like it when I say „Fuck Islam“? Well,Fuck Islam,Fuck Arabs,Fuck refugees. Seriously I wanted to punish him in the face but the old german man interfered by saying in perfect angry English..

No, not fuck Islam. Fuck USA, fuck the west, We stole your oil, killed a million Iraqi and called it a mistake, bombed Afganistan, Libya & Somalia, destroyed Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco and occupied your countries in world war 1 and 2 when you had nothing to do with our wars.
We have made your countries a market and a test ground for our produced weapons, we have build your borders, assigned puppets to rule over you and tried to destroy your culture, politics and economy. If you want to blame anyone for what has happened in Europe, blame us!  Blame Germany, France, England and USA. Its all our fault that the radical terror exist, We have created these groups and financed them to kill you and now we are paying the price of our actions! Most muslims have not retaliated for what we have done to them and we should appreciate that and be thankful. I traveled to so many Islamic countries I Visited „Syria -Palestine“ and dealt with the people..

In your country I found the real meaning of Religious tolerance, Muslims live with Christians and Jewish in the same city speaking the same language celebrating each other holidays respect their partners tradition and Muslims, as the biggest Group, they didn’t ask the people  from other religions to integrate as we, in europe, do it with you  Muslims are great and generous people and I will not allow you to disrespect them while i am watching.

I remembered a Quote for Martin Luther King “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say” The syrian dude said no word after this speech and it was a nice 3 hours trip.

I left the train and sang in my mind a famous song for Iraqi singer says “ Who lose his Gold , will find it in the jewelry market, And who lose a lover it will take two years to forget, and who lose  Home , where you can find a new home ..