By Osman Omer

CC BY-SA Christopher Johnson

Violence is when Man use the Force as a reaction with the other that’s left a high score of damage and loss, in at least one of the parties. I think, dear reader, at the moment of violence or let us call it at zero hour the level of heart rate of Mercy is zero, as well as the level of thinking in the mind is also zero!

In general, violence in sports is use of force in dealing with a competitor. We must know that there is a difference between violence in sport and in dangerous sports. Coarse or extreme reactions are usually individualized, either by a single player or by a group or general (fans for example) .In my personal belief, the emotions that lead to violence are due to a number of reasons, all of it are personal from the first step, because individual behavior constitutes societies, the causes and motives of violence in football take two types: temporary or short-term and permanent or long-term.

Firstly, temporary motivations are a reaction to a particular event of the opposing player, whether intentional or unintentional, as well as the influence of the media, the public and the press especially in a large tournament, Also that’s may be refers to temporary organic health or its a Sample of the high level of hormone in the body which caused The feeling of excessive force or excess courage, as well as the pressure of the personal life of the player I mean that for sure he has  much personal issues as family problems and life pressures in different areas
Secondly the permanent motives are some of the characteristics associated with the personality of a player (administrative, artistic, media or even the public), including genetics such as a father who is very angry and fast-moving, racism or … etc , It’s so hard and difficult to solve long-term or permanent causes, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

A modest treatment proposal for this important and sensitive subject would be to tighten the safety laws in the stadiums and raise the value of violations and criminal penalties in addition to supporting the potential safety especially in countries that lack the potential. Also its needs psychological health examination before the game by specialists and the most accurate in the analysis and intensify and let us start looking seriously for a greatest and the most safe future for a new generations who will complete the life cycle of a game.